Personal Dashboard Template | Notion

A clean personal dashboard to keep organized and stay efficient

Personal Dashboard Template for Notion

A clean dashboard to keep organized, and keep a clear eye over everything you’re working on, and want to make note of. This Notion template features everything you need to keep a minimalistic and straight-forward dashboard for yourself.

What's Included:

  • Easily editable and customisable template

  • Straight-forward and minimalistic design

  • Sections to cleanly categorise and set out your pages

  • Calendar section to set out dates, events, and more, which is set to display in a detailed but minimalistic view so you get the information required, whilst keeping the calendar view clean and uncluttered.


How do I use the template?

To use this template, simply press the “Get Template” button at the bottom of this page, and then you will be taken to the template page. Click “Duplicate” in the top right hand side of the template, and then it’s all yours, and you can edit away.

How do I edit the template?

Once you’ve done the above and duplicated the template into your own workspace, you can edit the template as you please, as you will then own the template yourself. Have fun, customise it to your liking, and make it you.

Can I share the template?

Only you are given access to the template, and therefore, it must not be shared elsewhere. If you know someone who would like the template, or someone who you think would, kindly direct them to this page.

To Get Template:

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