Quentin Tarantino to sell 7 uncut 'Pulp Fiction' scenes as NFTs

Each NFT comes with unreleased secrets

Today at the NFT.NYC event, iconic director Quentin Tarantino announced he is getting into NFTs.

The filmmaker is auctioning off seven uncut scenes from “Pulp Fiction” as NFTs, along with bonus content that only the NFT owners can access, such as original handwritten scripts from the film and an exclusive audio commentary from Tarantino himself.

Tarantino’s NFTs are built on the Secret Network platform, a layer-1 blockchain that allows NFTs and decentralized apps with built-in privacy functionality.

The Tarantino NFT Collection’s website describes what makes the NFTs so unique. “Each NFT contains one or more previously unknown secrets of a specific iconic scene from Pulp Fiction. The privileged person who will purchase one of these few and rare NFTs will get a hold of those secrets and a glimpse into the mind and the creative process of Quentin Tarantino.”


Owners will have the choice to either keep the secrets to themselves, share them with family and friends, or even share them publicly for the world to see.


Pulp Fiction is not the first film to get into the NFT scene, as earlier this year, Veve Partners and MGM Studios announced it is planning to launch James Bond NFTs from "No Time to Die," the latest film in the series.⠀

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