Razer’s futuristic Zephyr mask is out now

It starts at $99.99

The Razer Zephyr face mask is now available to the public after its had several months of beta testing, tweaking, and editing. You can purchase it now from Razer.com, in one of the two configurations available.

The basic kit is $99.99 and includes the mask, a carrying tote, anti-fog spray, three sets of replaceable N95 filters that give you nine days of use, and a USB-C charging cable, letting you get the essentials of the RGB face mask.

If you want more from your Razer mask, you can upgrade to the next level kit which is $149.99 and includes more filters, and 33 sets of filters for 99 days of filtered use, giving it more usability time.

You can also purchase the filters themselves in sets of 10 for $29.99, which get you 30 days of use. Is this a cop for you? Or will you stick to the usual masks? Let us know!

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