RFLCT by Valkyrae is the beauty brand for gamers

For everyone who uses a screen

Popular streamer, entrepreneur, and gamer, Valkyrae, just revealed her new brand RFLCT, in which she co-founded. RFLCT is aimed mostly towards gamers, but extends to everyone who uses a screen, as a skin care routine that helps with blue light protection.

As expressed on RFLCT’s website, blue light is a color of light that’s visible to the human eye, and where as though it used to just be the sun that gave us a source of blue light, screens like monitors, phones, and other devices, give it out as well.

Blue light is known to possibly damage your skin and eyes over time, and where as though we obviously can’t get rid of heavy blue light now as it’s everywhere, Valkyrae’s new brand RFLCT is here to help you out and keep your skin healthy from it.

RFLCT’s products are said to protect against blue light damage, reduce inflammation, strength and brighten your skin, and stimulate collagen production, all of which is great for you, especially when it can fall into a natural part of your usual skin care routine.

On the website, RFLCT have a range of products available such as ‘Lip Guard Moisture Balm’, ‘Resurrection Eye Mask’, ‘Aura Reset Facial Gel Cleanser’, ‘Screen Shield Defense Face Moisturizer’ which is said to be Rae’s favourite, and ‘Eye Revive Gel Treatment’.

This also marks a huge step again for influencers and content creators as they expand their careers further and go into launching full-on brands, and RFLCT by Valkyrae is definitely a big industry to make a move into.


A huge congratulations to Valkyrae on her new brand, of which serves a great product we could all do with in our everyday lives, especially those of us who spend lots of time on our devices.

You can check out RFLCT at RFLCT.com.

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