Riot Games disables /all chat in League of Legends

It's been a long time coming

Riot Games, the studio behind League of Legends has decided to disable /all chat completely while in-game.

Why was it disabled?

As part of League’s 11.21 patch, fans were shocked to see /all chat has been disabled while in public matchmade games, temporarily for now, but it will likely be made permanent. The feature allows players to talk to the opposing team and often is used for light-hearted fun, but for the most part, negative interactions outweighed the positives.

Not pleased

The community’s reaction to the change has mostly been negative, with users claiming they’ve had more positive interactions in /all chat than negative and that team chat is usually the more toxic of the two. For years players have been asking for a voice chat, a common feature included in basically every multiplayer game, even Riot’s Valorant. With /all chat being disabled, there is not much chance we'll get voice chat any time soon.

The first step

One of the biggest League of Legends streamers on the streaming platform Twitch, Tyler1, commented on the decision, saying, “We’re probably going to lose team chat privileges because people are infinitely more toxic in team chat than /all chat,” he said. “If they’re removing /all chat because of ‘toxicity,’ then this is the first step to removing chat in general.”

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