Riot Games reveals new agent Chamber

The latest Sentinel agent

Riot Game’s has finally revealed Valorant’s newest Agent, Chamber, in a trailer earlier today.

Chamber is a sentinel character that is an “well dressed and well-armed” French weapon designer, that is equipped with a deadly arsenal of weapons and abilities, who enjoys taking all details into account when lining up the perfect shot.

“That feeling was the core of his thematic: the idea that the distance of the shot, the breeze in the wind, the type of powder in the ammo, all these fine details must be taken into account to land the perfect hit,” Riot described the agent.

Chamber’s C ability places a trap that scans for enemies, and once a visible enemy comes in range, the trap destabilizes the terrain around them. His X ability activates a heavy pistol, which you can Alt fire to aim down its sites. For the perfect surprise attack, his E ability places two teleport anchors, that while on the ground and in range, allows players to quickly teleport to the other anchor

Last of all, Chamber’s Tour de Force ultimate ability summons a powerful, customer sniper rifle that one-shots any enemy as long as it’s a direct hit. When an enemy gets killed with the ult, a field is created that slows down players insider of it.

Chamber will make his debut in Patch 3.10 on Nov. 16, two weeks after Episode 3 Act 3 is released.

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