Running a startup is challenging, exhilarating, rewarding, stressful, and enjoyable

All of that comes at the exact same time

The title might sound like a crazy mix of emotions, but that’s precisely what a startup is, and exactly why we love it.

A blend of feelings

Running a startup, whether that be from the perspective of a founder, or the team around it, brings a constant concoction of thoughts and emotions, like the ones I shared in the title of this post, all of which can come at the same time and of which you’ll do roundabouts with on the daily.

And as people on startup journeys, it’s on us to embrace all of these natural takes that come with the adventure and use them to fuel us in different ways. It’s what makes a startup exciting, the continuous and constant variation of changes that pop up and come every single day.

Throughout the various emotions, it, all in all, is beneficial to not only us or to our team, but to our startup itself, as all the different moods we feel running our companies on the daily lead to us learning, growing, developing, and becoming stronger, and that’s the beauty of the daily experience of a startup.

Enjoy the rollercoaster, it’s all worth it in the end.

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