SpaceX aims to launch first Starship orbital test in January

Hopefully it wont get delayed

SpaceX has announced it is planning for a Starship orbital flight early next year if there are no further delays.

SpaceX’s team in Texas is getting ready for the first combined launch of the Super Heavy booster and Starship mega-rocket as soon as January, as long as its launchpad construction is over by then.

“We’ve completed the first orbital booster and first orbital ship, and we’ll be complete with the launch pad and launch tower later this month, and then we’ll do a bunch of tests in December, and hopefully launch in January,” SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed.

Throughout 2022 SpaceX aims to carry out at least 12 Starship launches, due to the high amount of risks associated with them, so there’s a good chance the first Starship launch will be unsuccessful.

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