Spotify expands access to its Car Thing

Join the waitlist today

Back in Spring, Spotify launched its first vehicle device called “Car Thing,” but until now, it was only available on an invite-only basis.

What is it?

Spotify Car-Thing is a device that can be mounted inside the car that offers a combination of voice control, buttons, knobs, and a touchscreen to choose the song you want to play. Users can access Spotify’s complete catalogue of music and podcasts in a matter of seconds, all while in their car.

Perfect for old cars

Car Thing has been in the works for a long time before shipping started earlier this year. The idea behind the device was to allow any car to have infotainment features, especially old cars that do not have the best touchscreen. When you hook up Car Thing to your car, you can use it to play music and podcasts with physical controls, or if you are driving, "Hey Spotify" voice commands.

The wait is over

Everyone that signed up for the Car Thing waitlist up to now will be the first to be able to purchase the device for $79.99. Currently, it is only available to users in the US and has a paid Spotify Premium subscription, but it will likely be available worldwide sometime in the future.

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