Spotify launches new charts website

Find the best new songs from all around the world

Spotify is launching multiple new charts that will rank the top songs on its music streaming service by genre, country, city, and artist.

With new weekly genre charts, users will be able to see the top 200 songs across 17 genres, with user playlists and editorial input used to categorize the songs.

Every week users will also be able to see who the top 200 artists are, along with the most popular songs in each country with City & Local Pulse Charts, and chart data which will show chart entry dates, peak positions, and streaks from the expanded view.

If you would rather listen to the music you are familiar with, Spotify Wrapped 2021 is right around the corner. The release date for the feature hasn’t been revealed yet, but last year it dropped on December 2nd, so it will likely be around the same date. Wrapped is a personalized experience that celebrates the music and podcasts you streamed the most throughout the year.

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