Square Enix announces London mobile studio

Future of mobile gaming

Square Enix has opened a new studio dedicated to developing mobile games called Square Enix London Mobile.

High-quality mobile games

Square Enix London Mobile will focus on creating high-quality, free-to-play mobile games, with both Square Enix’s own brands and other big-name licenses. The new studio will be led by Ed Perkins, who was previously director of mobile publishing at Square Enix.

New games on the way

The studio is already working hard on developing its first two games, Tomb Raider Reloaded, an action-arcade game, in partnership with Crystal Dynamics, along with a yet to be titled Avatar: The Last Airbender game with Vancouver-based studio Navigator Games.

Fuel its success

“At Square Enix London Mobile, our goal is to move the world through play and in order to do this, we need to grow our team with even more unique voices, varieties of perspectives, and creative energy,” said Square Enix London Mobile studio head Ed Perkins in a press release. “We have great games in development, access to Square Enix-owned intellectual properties and relationships with the world’s top entertainment companies, but our people will be the competitive advantage that fuels our success now and in the future.”

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