Squid Game will generate almost $900M

New data reveals

Netflix’s Squid Game is reportedly worth almost $900 million in impact value, according to documents reviewed by Bloomberg.

Everyone’s watched it

The documents came out only around a week after Netflix announced Squid Game was its biggest series launch ever, totalling 111 million viewers globally since it got released on September 17th. What’s more impressive is that it cost $21.4 million to produce Squid Game, a big difference between the $891.1 million generated in impact value.

Impressive record

According to Bloomberg, Netflix estimated that 89 percent of people who started watching the show watched 75 minutes at minimum, and 87 million people finished it in the first 23 days. Altogether viewers reportedly watched 1.4 billion hours of Squid Game.

Dethroned from top spot

Since its release, Squid Game remained number one on Netflix's US Top 10 list, until on Saturday when the series fell to number two after the third season of “You” was released, finally dethroning the Korean thriller.

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