Stardew Valley creator reveals Haunted Chocolatier

It's already in development

Looking for a new chill game to play? Last night on YouTube, Stardew Valley creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone revealed the next game he is working on, called Haunted Chocolatier.

Haunted Chocolatier is a shop sim that will allow players to run a giant haunted chocolate factory. “In this game, you will play as a chocolatier living in a haunted castle. In order to thrive in your new role, you will have to gather rare ingredients, make delicious chocolates, and sell them in a chocolate shop,” the game’s website explains.

The game looks a lot similar to Barone’s Stardew Valley, but he has reassured everyone that it is completely separate, and unlike Stardew Valley, it will explore more possibilities and go beyond the ordinary with its magical haunted ghost chocolate.

It will be a while until we get a release date, but Barone noted the game has been in development for around a year. So far, we know that the game will be single-player, with no plans for multiplayer, and it will be on PC, with plans of coming to other major platforms down the road.

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