Being a founder is being a problem solver

Startups are full of obstacles that need solutions

And as a founder, it’s our job to be problem solvers and to find the ways around the roadblocks to get to where we want to be.

The catch-22’s

I saw a great tweet a while back by Ryan Denehy, who is the founder and CEO of Electric AI, which shared how “getting a company off the ground is mostly infuriating catch-22”, and the concept there couldn’t be more true.

As Ryan shared in his tweet, there’s catch-22’s everywhere throughout startups and in business, such as it being hard to get new customers without existing customers, struggles for startups that need funding to actually launch fully to do so without having prior growth to display to get investors interested (side note: this is why as founders who pitch, we have to sell ourselves on our vision), and so on.

And just as the post shared, once you embrace that as a founder *it is* one of our main responsibilities to find the solutions to these roadblocks and manoeuvre the obstacle course that is startups and new businesses, the journey gets even more fun and just that bit more straightforward.

Making answers

Of course as always, it’s easier said than done to tackle all the roadblocks we face as founders, but that’s on us to challenge those obstructions straight on and find ways around them. This isn’t easy and was never meant to be - which is why we love it.. right?

As founders we are naturally solution creators, and that’s exactly why we have our startups and businesses in the first place, to give answers to problems and to become something in areas that are lacking in what we offer in the form of solutions - with problems that could be providing a solution or product for customers, supplying to a demand, producing content for audiences interested in various industries, or anything, and on the solutions front that could be our entire brand all together, what we offer, and or the quality of what we do, the areas are endless.

And so with that, we are overall problem solvers all across the board, both for our customers and for ourselves with our ventures, and that’s why being a problem solver is one of the - I’d say - most important key values of being not only a startup founder, although it primarily applies to us, but also a startup team with those taking on a journey together. We all will face huge roadblocks and challenges on our journey and its how we navigate them and find the answers that gives us the superpowers of breaking through the barriers that are naturally set on us and allows us to become something special and to achieve our visions.

Problems are opportunities in disguise, find the solution to your problem, and you just opened yourself up to a new opportunity.

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