Steam bans blockchain, crypto and NFT games

Epic Games has other plans

Valve has decided to ban all blockchain-backed games that offer NFT and cryptocurrency on Steam.

Steam will no longer allow games on its store than enable NFT and cryptocurrency trading through the blockchain. Steam’s onboarding page for developers to get their games up and distributed via Steam now states that they will not publish any "applications built on blockchain technology that issue or allow exchange of cryptocurrencies or NFTs." The new rule got added to the site around the start of October.

Developers hit with a major setback

The developer of Age of Rust, a sci-fi action-adventure blockchain game that uses NFTs, on Twitter spoke about the rule, saying Steam "will be kicking *all blockchain games* off the platform, including Age of Rust, because NFTs have value". Age of Rust is a blockchain game that contains puzzles, some of which give players NFTs, as an achievement.

Epic Games is open to the idea

After Valve announced it will now ban games that feature blockchain technology from Steam, its competitor Epic Games told The Verge that it is “open to games that support cryptocurrency or blockchain-based assets” on its store. Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic, also tweeted in support of the idea, confirming Epic Games Store welcomes any games that make use of blockchain tech, as long as they follow the relevant laws.

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