Stop waiting, and just go for it

The mindset that is: Just saying f*ck it

If you’re an entrepreneur, a creator, a startup, or anyone waiting to go after your goals, stop waiting, and just go for it.

Hesitation is your enemy

It’s only right when setting out on a new venture or doing something new, to feel nervous and hesitant to start or go after those new avenues, and whilst these feelings are so normal and I think they should actually be spoken about more as part of the process of starting a business or project, hesitation specifically is something to say f*ck it to, and to overcome.

It’s something that only brings negativity, and so trying to overcome it, and just going after what you want to do, is always the way. I know, it’s easy said than done.. trust me, I know.. I’ve felt the same with starting my startups at the very beginning (Waivly right here being one), because it’s a nerve-racking thing to do, but once you can put this feeling aside, you’ll thrive.

I’ve, after a short while, kind of conquered the mindset, and I know I’ve said it a few times, but it’s how it is, of honestly just saying f*ck it and going after what I want to do. Fear of judgement is a big hesitation player, but who cares? People judging you behind your back are behind you for a reason. If someone’s judging you, what? They’re judging you over going after your goals? Wow, what a bad thing to be spoke about doing.

It’s all mindset

We get the feeling of hesitation for various reasons, one being the fear of judgement like I said about in the previous section, but there’s loads of others, and everyone has their unique factor which is personal to them, and some are uncontrollable which is absolutely fine, but for what we can control, I’ll help you out a bit, because trust me, and again, I’ve been in your shoes and still challenge hesitation on a daily, it’s all just about mindset.

Judgement aside, another factor of waiting and not going for something may be being scared of failing. Now, this one is a huge one, and the same level of judgement to me, but you have to try and readjust your mindset on failure. Failure is not, I repeat: not, a bad thing. Failure teaches you lessons, and without failing, how are we ever meant to learn and grow? We all fail, it’s natural. Failures come in all different sizes, but it’s those failures that give us the push to go again, keep hustling, and achieve our goals, so don’t be scared of it, we need it to learn and grow. I’ve failed loads, so what? I restarted straight away, and went again. Plus, you might not even fail, so why wonder?

Then onto the last main mindset factor of hesitation, which I’d say is being worried about wasting time, which again - I’ve dealt with, but once you break down that idea, it’s kind of ironic, right? You’re worried over wasting time by taking on something which might not work out, but you’re wasting time.. thinking about.. wasting time? How will you ever know what could have been if you just wait on ideas and don’t execute? You also aren’t wasting time by doing, even if it does fail (in which, you try again), it’s still learning and growth, doing something and experiencing it for yourself gives you more of that than any Google search or story will ever.. period.

Chase your goals

It sounds corny, but the saying couldn’t be more true. You really, to get anywhere or do anything in life, do just have to (and sorry but I’m going to say it again) say f*ck it, and just go for it. You will never fail in trying, as I said: people who judge you are whatever, they’re hating on someone trying, which makes them look like the real waste of times, worrying about wasting time is just wasting time, and failure isn’t a bad thing, it gives you growth, strength, motivation, and lessons, all of which you use to fuel you when you go for round 2.

Of course, there are factors to hesitation, and maybe the thing you’re wanting to do requires a lot of money, or whatever, which I completely understand, but I’m sure, unless it’s some new idea I’ve never heard of, you can still make a start, right? Learn a new skill, try and do that task yourself, start posting content even if it’s not the best quality yet, launch that startup and get yourself one step ahead. There’s never a reason not to start with chasing your goals, it all puts you in a better place than you are by hesitating, no matter which way you spin it.

Everything is a mindset game. Once you control your mindset, and adjust it to think as you need it to, like with the ways I’ve shared, you’ll be able to really go after what you’re wanting, and truly push being hesitant to the side, no matter how crazy that sounds right now. Pressure creates diamonds, let the nerves fuel you, and become that game-time player. You might not be able to change your mindset overnight, but start asking yourself these questions of why you’re hesitating, break them down, look into them, and find the answers, and I’m sure you’ll find ways around them.

Keep hustling, you got this. Visualise your goals, and let nothing or no one stop you from achieving that vision.

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