Stranger Things Season 4 is heading to California

Life outside Hawkins isn't looking any better

Two years after Strange Things Season 3 ended and the Byers family and Eleven packed their bags to leave Hawkins, a new trailer for season 4 has been released, showing what life is now like for Eleven in California.

The trailer opens with a voiceover of Eleven writing a letter to Mike describing how much she is enjoying her new life in California. “We will have the best spring break ever,” she says towards the end of the trailer, right before we get a glimpse of a mysterious bunker door in the desert, a creepy doll, gunshots, and every other disaster you’d expect to see in Stranger Things.

“Welcome to California” is the fourth of Netflix’s teasers, described as 004/004, hinting that it is the final teaser before we get a full-length trailer in the future. Netflix has announced that the season debuts in 2022, so hopefully, the wait is nearly over.

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