Streamlabs accused of copying rival companies

Streamers are threatening to leave

A day after the release of its Streamlabs Studio, Streamlabs is receiving backlash from rival streaming software companies for a range of different reasons.

On Tuesday, Streamlabs teamed up with Twitch to help streamers improve Xbox streams with its web-based Streamlabs Studio program, which lets streamers customize their stream with new widgets and overlays, such as a chat panel and alerts.

Lightstream, a web-based streaming studio that also allows for console streaming without a capture card, responded to the launch of Streamlabs Studio on Twitter, accusing the company of copying its layout.

Lightstream’s CEO, StuV2, went on to quote the tweet, saying, "The team at @streamlabs should be ashamed. Not satisfied enough to ride @OBSProject's hard work. Now to copy ours down to the layout and every word on our marketing site and our UX in this product."

Not long after Streamlabs responded to StuV2’s tweet, claiming that it copied Lightstream’s layout on accident as the text on the landing page was placeholder text that went into production by error.

The allegations against Streamlabs don’t stop there. StuV2’s tweet was later shared by OBS, revealing that Streamlabs used the company’s OBS name without permission. Some of the biggest streamers on Twitch that use Streamlabs commented on the situation, including Pokimane and HasanAbi, who both threatened to no longer affiliate with the company.

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