Super Follow now available to all iOS users

Allow users to get access to bonus content

Twitter has recently announced that iOS Twitter users will now be able to Super Follow select content creators.

The Super Follow feature was first announced back in February and was slowly rolled out to select creators in the month of September. The feature was only available to both U.S. and Canadian Twitter users. The Super Follow feature allows creators to monetize their Twitter content as well as make them exclusive through a monthly subscription.

TechCrunch has reported that in the first two weeks of the launch of the Super Follow feature, subscribers have contributed roughly $6,000 towards creators, which is impressive. Users that have access to the Super Follow feature are able to earn about 97% in revenue through subscription, but Twitter will be taking a 3% cut of the revenue after the in-app purchasing fee.

If a user earns a significant amount of money through Super Follows like $50,000, then Twitter will be increasing their percentage cut of the revenue from the creator's future earnings.

Not all users will have access to the Super Follow feature. Twitter users must meet certain requirements that are listed on the Super Follow policy page. Users have to be at least 18 years or older as well as have at least 10,000 followers to gain access to Super Follows.

Users must tweet at least 25 times within the past 30 days, and when their account has been accepted they'll have to tweet at a minimum of 25 tweets every month. At the moment the Super Follow feature is available for iOS users, but Twitter plans to expand accessibility to Android and web users in the future.

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