Tesla launches live Sentry Mode camera access

Only available on Tesla's iOS app

Tesla has introduced a feature called Sentry Mode Live Camera Access, included in the latest vehicle software update (2021.36.8).

Sentry Mode will allow owners to remotely view their car’s surroundings through Tesla’s iOS app when parked. It uses Tesla’s integrated surveillance system that has a 360 dashcam to record any accidents or attempted break-ins.

Footage streamed from the car is end-to-end encrypted, meaning that it can only be accessed by the car’s owner and no one else. Tesla also gives an option to disable the feature under Safety & Security controls, perfect for drivers who want to limit battery usage.

The feature is included with Tesla’s Premium Connectivity subscription, which costs $10 a month, after a 30-day free trial when you buy a Model 3 or Y, and one year for Model S and X owners. The subscription package gives access to satellite maps and live traffic visualisations, along with media streaming and web browsing on data.

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