Tesla trademarks "Giga Beer" and "Giga Bier"

Second venture into alcohol

Tesla has officially trademarked the rights to use the phrases “Giga Beer” and “Giga Beer,” according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Last week Tesla held an event in Germany called Giga Fest, on the site where the company is building its Berlin Gigafactory, and one of the more fun announcements made by CEO Elon Musk during the event is that Tesla is making its own beer, called Giga Bier, the German spelling for Giga Beer.


Elon Musk revealed some of his plans for the factory, saying, “We’re going to build a train station that’s right on the property. And then we’re going to have graffiti murals all throughout the factory, on the outside and everything. So I think that’s going to be pretty cool. We’ve got some of them already. And we’re even going to have a beer.”


In the past, Tesla offered a unique bottle of Tequilla which sold out in just minutes, so it’s not the first time the company has decided to sell alcoholic beverages. The Giga Bier comes in a Cyber-truck inspired bottle with sharp edges and a overall futuristic look.

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