Dutch investigators hacked Tesla's driving data storage

Revealed more on Tesla's Autopilot

The Dutch government's forensic lab revealed yesterday it had decrypted Tesla’s driving data storage system, uncovering information that could be useful to investigate serious accidents.

It’s already known that Tesla stores data from accidents and customers’ driving behaviour, but the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) has now discovered that Tesla vehicles store a lot more data about the operation of its Autopilot than investigators had been aware of.

The researchers reverse-engineered the automakers' data logs and successfully obtained hidden data, around speed, accelerator pedal positions, steering wheel angle, and more. The new data will allow the government to "request more targeted data" to help find the cause of Tesla related accidents.

“These data contain a wealth of information for forensic investigators and traffic accident analysts and can help with a criminal investigation after a fatal traffic accident or an accident with injury,” Francis Hoogendijk, a digital investigator at the NFI, said in a statement.

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