The Chinese version of Fortnite is shutting down

Only a few weeks to go

Epic Games and Tencent are shutting down the Chinese version of Fortnite.

Users will not be able to sign up or download the popular Battle Royale Fortnite from yesterday. Epic Games will completely shut down Fortnite’s servers and not allow users from logging in on November 15th.

“The test of 'Fortress Night' has come to an end. We will shut down the server in the near future, a translated notice on the games website states. Epic Games thanked players for “boarding the bus” and playing their game, but didn’t explain why it is shutting down Fortnite’s servers.

Over the past few years, China has gotten more and more strict with gaming by introducing even more restrictions placed on gaming time. There are also a lot less monetization possibilities for developers due to restrictions on microtransactions, so it’s likely the crackdown was a big factor in Epic’s decision.

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