👀 The Matrix 4 teaser trailer released

Which pill are you choosing?

Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 A new teaser trailer and interactive site for The Matrix Resurrections movie has been revealed. FaZe Clan has teamed up with DC Comics to create a limited-edition comic book.

The Matrix 4 footage added to interactive fan site

18 years after The Matrix Revolutions was released, we now have a new teaser trailer and an interactive site for the upcoming fourth Matrix film.

What is it?

WhatIsTheMatrix, is an interactive fan website dedicated to The Matrix Resurrections, which launched earlier this week with never seen before footage from the movie. Once on the site, users have to decide to either click on either a blue or red pill to see different teasers.

Over 180,000 teaser variants

Currently, the website has 180,000 teaser variants for the upcoming Matrix movie, all lasting for around 40 seconds with different clips seen throughout them, along with voiceovers from Neo, his therapist, and more.

When is it coming out?

We weren't expecting to see the Matrix return until 2022, but Warner Bros decided to move the release date to December 22, 2021. The Matrix 4 was officially announced back in August 2019, written and directed by Lana Wachowski.

FaZe Clan is entering the DC universe

To celebrate Batman Day later this month, DC is collaborating with gaming organization FaZe Clan.

Happy Batman Day

Batman Day is coming up on September 19th, and to celebrate, DC is releasing a ten-episode scripted podcast on HBO Max, an augmented reality app, and a limited-edition comic featuring some of the FaZe Clan members.

Who will we see?

According to DC, FaZe Banks, FaZe Temperrr, FaZe Rain, FaZe Apex, FaZe Rug, FaZe Blaze, and FaZe Adapt will be featured in the comic, which will be available on September 24th, along with clothing revealed in a video posted by FaZe Clan yesterday.

Invite fans into the DC universe

“DC is excited to partner with FaZe Clan to share this custom Batman story with their amazing gaming fans,” said DC general manager Daniel Cherry III, in a statement. “This partnership is a great opportunity to invite even more fans into the iconic DC universe.

The Waves

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Hustle Special

Surround yourself with positive people

When asking yourself what you can do to become successful, the first thing that comes to mind usually is not related to your friends, but surrounding yourself with the right people can be a key factor for success.

Why is it important?

The people you spend the most time with have a massive influence on your mood, motivation, and expectations you have of yourself. When you surround yourself with the right people, you will likely become the best version of yourself and be more motivated to succeed.

Say goodbye

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Twitter is testing multiple new features

Twitter is continuing to roll out new features quickly, now testing three new features, soft block, communities, and an edge-to-edge timeline.

A new way to remove followers

One feature that Twitter announced they are testing on its site is a 'soft block' feature, which will make it possible to remove followers without having to block them. According to Twitter, all you have to do is, go to your profile and click “Followers” then click the three-dot icon and select “Remove this follower”.

Edge-to-edge timeline

Another feature in testing is an edge-to-edge timeline iOS, creating a more full-screen experience for users, similar to Instagram. If Twitter can make it work on their iOS app, they will likely test it on their Android app.

Rolling out communities

Twitter's new Communities will allow users to talk about specific topics with others who share similar interests. For now, Twitter has said that Communities are invite-only. Communities moderators and admins will have access to unlimited invites, and members will have five invites per community, which can be sent via DM.