Twitch is testing a rewind button

May be a safety concern

Twitch is now testing a rewind feature for viewers, along with two other new features.

The rewind feature will allow viewers to go back two minutes in the stream they are watching, and get options to go through the broadcast, and watch at different speeds, similar to VODs.

For now, the feature will only be seen by about a quarter of viewers, along with two other buttons. The “Remind Me” button will allow users to set up notifications for specific streamers and the “Watch Trailer” button will allow viewers to watch a streamer’s channel trailer quickly.


While these features could be great for gaming channels, allowing viewers to rewatch clutch plays or funny moments, it might compromise the safety of IRL streamers. The Rewind feature would easily allow viewers to dox streamers who accidentally reveal sensitive info before they get the chance to delete their VOD, for example, so hopefully, Twitch will give an option to disable the features in the future.

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