Twitter launches Space Spark Program to pay creators

Discover great spaces

Twitter is starting to pay more attention to its spaces with its new Spaces Spark Program they launched this week.

Massive boost for Spaces

The company announced the launch of a creator program for Spaces in a blog post earlier this week. It is a three-month accelerator that’s designed to discover and reward Spaces on Twitter. If you’re a creator and are interested in applying, you have until October 22nd, so make sure not to miss out.

Giving back to creators

Currently, the program will only be open for around 150 Spaces creators over the age of 18 who live in the US and will provide them with technical, financial, and marketing support. For anyone who applies and gets accepted, they will receive $2500 per month, along with $500 monthly ad credits to promote your Spaces, support from Twitter, early access to new features, and opportunities for prioritized in-app discoverability for well-performing Spaces.”

Helping the best creators

“We recognize the hard work it takes to create audio content that’s compelling, engaging, and keeps people coming back,” Twitter wrote in the Spark program announcement. “And above all else, we believe in the potential of people’s ideas and the potential of live social audio, and we see an opportunity to help audio content Creators — like you — take off.”

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