Twitter working on blockchain-linked Collectibles section

Display your collections to the world

Twitter is working on a new section and tab to your profile where you’ll be able to show off your NFT collection, and it’s almost complete. The platform began working on this feature back in September, as per a tweet from Mada Aflak, a software engineer at the company, showing its early stages.

The tweet shows off the collectables feature and it enables you to connect your crypto wallets from popular platforms by the likes of Metamask,, and Coinbase, and then choose one of your NFTs to use as your profile picture. Your full collection of NFT’s will be stored in a tab on your profile, titled Collectibles.

Similarly to how we have Twitter verification badges, these NFT collectables will also have a similar feature, displaying a small badge verifying that said NFT on your account is authentic. A very useful feature to ensure that the “Right click, save as” NFT-haters don’t claim to own works they don’t actually own.

Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong just showed off a newer and more detailed stage of the feature and how its changed since back in September from that first tweet by Mada Aflak. Wong revealed that Twitter is working on a view that lets you get a close-up look at an NFT, and in which it also displays full details of the NFT.

The feature was met with a lot of negativity, as people don’t want Twitter turning into an ‘NFT gallery’, as per the general idea of the tweets, mean-whilst others, like ourselves here at Waivly, are all for this, and think this helps greatly in the space, and allows those involved in NFT’s to display their artwork in a new and credible way.

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