VanMoof's new e-bike is its fastest ever

The new V e-bike tops out at an incredible 37mph

VanMoof just announced their brand new VanMoof V which is their first high-speed electric bike which is capable of top speeds up to 60km/h or 37mph.

Zooming Past

This new top speed is much faster than their current e-bike lineup, which are topped at the 25km/h mark in Europe and 20mph in the US, and go well beyond local laws.

VanMoof have brought this new pedal-assisted V bike out amongst lawmakers and city planners rethinking outdated regulations, with people before cars in mind.

Staying Aesthetic

As you can see in the photo above and if you’re familiar with VanMoof, the stunning aesthetic is still there in all its beauty. This time it’s just slightly bulkier.

This size comes as its fitted with motors in both the front and rear wheel hubs, and is powered by a colossal 700Wh battery, giving plenty of ride time.

All the fittings

In true VanMoof fashion, the bike has all the things you could want on it. It has their Turbo Boost button, automatic shifting, and a keyless kick lock.

Of course it also comes with standard e-bike features like anti-theft and recovery tech as well, to keep your bike safe at all times no matter where you’re riding.

Time to Shop

The VanMoof V will be sold initially in the UK, US, Japan, Germany, France, and the Netherlands, for a price of $3,498/€3,498/£3,498.

Definitely a decent price when you consider that it undercuts the fast European bike company Stromer who’s bikes start at around the €4,500 and go all the way to €10,000.

Do you want a VanMoof V? Let us know in the comments below!

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