💙 Benefits of Waivly+

Exclusive content, giveaways, events, resources, and so much more

As a Waivly+ Crew member, you get lots of exciting benefits and perks as part of your premium membership, which are only accessible to those who are apart of Waivly+. From exclusive content to events, to giveaways, to resources, and more, there’s so much for you to enjoy with Waivly+ blended into the one super-low cost and quick to join subscription. Let’s dive into the full membership!

🌊 Exclusive Content

With Waivly+ you will have access to a huge variety of content throughout each month which is only accessible to Waivly+ Crew members, and is situated around all the areas that you love and enjoy, blended together with other areas that may be of interest to you. We’ve got something for everyone.

Fans of NFT’s and crypto, we’ve got you with the projects to be watching out for and detailed insights on them, updates on what’s coming out of the space, and the latest news from the scene. Creators, movement makers, startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses, Waivly+ is the place for advice and tips, growth tricks, networking direction, and personal uplifting around motivation, passion, and drive. For tech lovers, there’s all the latest and best topics from what’s new, to advancements, to fresh news. And that’s just a teaser of what’s involved, there’s so much more and many more areas covered inside Waivly+. All content which is under Waivly+ will be displayed with a lock icon on the post, showing it is accessible to Waivly+ Crew only.

🛠️ Resources

Having the right tools, resources, and templates to either do want you want to do, do what you’re doing as best as possible, and or to make your processes as easy as possible, is essential, and with Waivly+ we’re constantly giving away great resources for you to use to keep you running at the top of your game. From Notion and other platform-based templates, to guides and tutorials, and more, we’ve got it all for you with Waivly+.

🏟️ Events

In Waivly+ you’ll have access to exclusive events in our private Discord server channels where we host topic-based discussions, guidance, support, and advice over a variety of areas, and group get-togethers to meet fellow visionaries, entrepreneurs, movement makers, gamers, entertainers, and creators, just like yourself.

👀 First-looks

We have huge ambitions at Waivly, and are always working on huge projects, and so with Waivly+, you will have priority access to said projects, first-looks at them, be able to give your input to help us shape the future wave, and exclusive opportunities within them.

🛍️ Giveaways

As part of Waivly+, you’ll have access to giveaways hosted by Waivly, in which we aim to do regularly, with apparel, exclusive freebies, deals, offers, and vouchers, free-membership extensions, and more.

These are just the main things involved with Waivly+, we’re always dropping new and exciting things into Waivly+ so you’re always getting the most out of your premium membership. Want to join Waivly+? You can do so right here! 👇