Waymo autonomous vehicles will map NYC's streets

Driven manually for now

Autonomous vehicle company Waymo, is heading to New York City to start mapping its streets.

Waymo is a long way from testing or launching its autonomous vehicles commercially in NYC, but the company has announced plans to manually drive its vehicles around the city to map its streets and then use all of the data connected to advance its technology.

Starting tomorrow, Thursday 4th, In Manhattan, Waymo will drive its autonomous Chrysler Pacifica vans on the streets of Manhattan, with its path covering the south side of Central Park, the financial district, and a small portion of New Jersey through the Lincoln tunnel.

New York City is America’s most popular city that is known for non-stop traffic. What makes Waymo most interested, the city has its fair share of rain and snow, making it the perfect place for the firm to test its navigation in winter conditions.

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