🎉 Welcome to Waivly+

Exclusive content for the price of a Pumpkin Spice Latte each month

Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 Today we’re excited to bring you all something new with Waivly for those wanting more content around what matters to them and exclusive insights and info in the same fun-to-read and entertaining content style you always get with us.

Introducing: Waivly+

Waivly+ is the premium Waivly membership for exclusive content around all the areas that matter to you, for the price of just one Pumpkin Spice Latte each month.

What’s Involved?

Waivly+ is a premium membership which grants you access to exclusive content, and more. You will have access to a huge variety of content throughout each month which is only accessible to Waivly+ Crew members, and is situated around all the areas that matter to you, blended together with other areas that may be of interest to you, all wrapped up in the one Waivly+ membership.

Content wise, we’ve got something for everyone in Waivly+. Fans of NFT’s and crypto, we’ve got you with the projects to be watching out for and detailed insights on them, updates on what’s coming out of the space, and the latest news from the scene. Creators, movement makers, startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses, Waivly+ is the place for advice and tips, growth tricks, networking direction, and personal uplifting around motivation, passion, and drive. For tech lovers, there’s all the latest and best topics from what’s new, to advancements, to fresh news. And that’s just a teaser of what’s involved, there’s so much more and many more areas covered inside Waivly+. All content which is under Waivly+ will be displayed with a lock icon, showing its accessible to Waivly+ Crew only.

Not only does Waivly+ grant you all of this exclusive content, it gives you access to first-looks and early access surrounding Waivly itself. We have extremely high ambitions at Waivly, and are working on lots of massive projects, and so with a Waivly+ membership, you will be able to be the first in the know of said projects, be able to test them out first, and also be the first to onboard with them, before anyone else in the world. We’ll also be sharing resources, hosting exclusive events, giveaways, and more, only for Waivly+ Crew members.


How Much?

We weren’t joking, Waivly+ is literally the same price as one Pumpkin Spice Latte a month. Unless you go somewhere other than Starbucks for your Latte’s, in which should be a crime, a Waivly+ membership is the exact same price as one Starbucks fall-theme’d drink, fitting for an autumn Waivly+ launch.

If you ever want to depart from the wave, you can cancel your Waivly+ subscription at anytime, and you will keep your subscription until the end of the current billing month, and then your Waivly+ membership will end. You can easily rejoin at anytime by heading to Waivly.com and going to Waivly+.


To join Waivly+, head over to our website, Waivly.com, and click on “Subscribe” or Waivly+ to get onboard. From there, it takes less than 30 seconds to join Waivly+ and get the premium Waivly membership.