Xbox Series X Mini Fridge to launch soon

Perfect for gamers

After years of being a meme, the Xbox Series X mini fridge is nearly available globally.

What makes it special?

Xbox’s mini fridge can hold up to 12 cans, and has two shelves inside the door to hold your favourite snacks. It also comes with a USB port on the front of the door to charge your devices, and a DC power adapted to take the fridge on the go.

Available soon

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge will exclusively be available at US Target’s for $99.99, £89.99 at GAME in the UK, and in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, and Poland, the mini fridge will be available at GameStop EU for €99.00. It will be available to preorder on October 19th on each retailer's site.

Result of memes

When the Xbox Series X got revealed in December 2019, gamers immediately posted memes online comparing its boxy design to a fridge. Two years later, in March of this year, Microsoft embraced the meme by revealing its Xbox Series X mini fridge solely for promotional purposes, until April when the company changed its mind and confirmed they would sell the mini fridges.

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