🐦 You can now get tipped in Bitcoin on Twitter

The first to encourage cryptocurrency

Hey Waivly Crew! 🌊 Twitter has rolled out tipping with Bitcoin, along with plans to let users authenticate NFTs. Robinhood is working on cryptocurrency wallets, which will launch as early as October.

Clubhouse announces its new 'Wave' feature

Yesterday, Twitter revealed Wave, a feature that makes it easier to start private rooms with your friends that are online.

Not a long wait

Last week, developer Jane Manchun Wong discovered Clubhouse was working on the new feature, and now it is available to all Clubhouse users on both iOS and Android. Since its launch, Clubhouse has been associated with professional conversations, so Wave is the perfect feature to introduce more small, casual experiences in its app.

How do you send a Wave?

To send a Wave, swipe right on the Hallway or tap the dots icon at the bottom left of the screen. Next tap the wave button beside the names of the people you want to add to the room. Whenever everyone invited accepts, Clubhouse will create a private room for your group.

Encase you’re impatient

While waiting for your friends to join, you can still browse, join other rooms as usual, find more friends to wave at, and when someone joins your private room, you will get a notification. If you leave Clubhouse in the background and open up another app, Clubhouse will pause any waves to avoid being pulled into a room without realizing.

Unagi reveals new electric scooter model, 'The Eleven'

Unagi has recently announced that they will be releasing their second electric scooter model called "The Eleven."

What can we expect from the new model?

Unagi's "The Eleven" model will have the cool and stylish features from their Model One scooter, and many new high techs features such as having swappable batteries, a motion-detector alarm system, and camera-based advanced driver assistance. David Hymen, Unagi's CEO, has told The Verge that "The Eleven" model is an "industrial work of art, the smartest scooter on the planet, and a full-on urban assault vehicle.”

How much will the new model cost?

The smart scooter will not come cheap, and customers can pre-order the scooter with an object detection feature which will cost about $2,860, or $2,440 without the feature. The object detection feature has a multi-lens camera installed in the scooter's stem beneath the handlebars, which feed visual data to an onboard computer that will enable the scooter to alert the rider of any obstacles in their way.

The Waves

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Crypto Special

Robinhood is launching a cryptocurrency wallet

Commission-free stock and crypto trading platform Robinhood has announced they are working on a cryptocurrency wallet.

New beginning

It's already possible for Robinhood users to buy and sell crypto, but the new feature would allow users to manage all their crypto in a digital wallet on the app, which they can then pay for goods and services, trade, or store.

Not long until launch

In a blog post, Robinhood announced its crypto wallet. "We’re excited to share that starting next month, the first customers will begin testing crypto wallets on Robinhood. We’ll share their experience and feedback on our blog and Twitter regularly so you can follow along and get an under the hood look into what we’re building."

Entering Coinbase's territory

Robinhood won't be the first trading platform to have its own cryptocurrency wallet, as Coinbase and Gemini already offer their users access to crypto wallets. Similar to other digital wallets, to keep customer's wallets safe, Robinhood's wallet will have security features like multi-factor authentication, email and phone verification, and identity verification.

Twitter enables tipping with Bitcoin

Twitter has enabled the ability to request tips in Bitcoin through its app, making it the first social media platform to encourage the use of cryptocurrency.

Finally here

After rumours of Bitcoin tipping came out last month, Twitter has officially rolled out its tip function to all users, with Bitcoin integration facilitated by Strike, a crypto wallet app that runs on the Lightning Network protocol, designed to enable faster and cheaper transactions with Bitcoin. Users can now tip creators through third-party services like Venmo and CashApp.

Bitcoin price rallies

After Twitter debuted its crypto tipping yesterday afternoon, Bitcoin's price began to surge, going from the $43,000 range up to above $44,800. Even though Bitcoin has yet to fully recover, things are looking better than ever for the cryptocurrency.

NFT authentication

Now that Bitcoin tipping is here, Twitter still has more crypto-related plans in the works. The company is also planning to support authentication for NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, by letting users connect their crypto wallets. A company spokesperson explained the feature, “NFT authentication will come in the form of a badge, shown on profile pictures, marking the owner’s NFT as authentic.”