Zoox to test autonomous vehicles in Seattle

New conditions to test

The autonomous vehicle company owned by Amazon, Zoox, will start to test its vehicles on the streets of Seattle.

New beginning

Zoox has been testing its autonomous vehicles in San Francisco and Las Vegas for years, but to be able to train its technology, even more, it has to hold trails in locations with different weather conditions, like rainy Seattle.

Drive in the rain

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Zoox, Jesse Levinson, told Bloomberg there were two reasons for Zoox choosing Seattle to test its vehicles. The main reason was so they could see how water impacts the vehicle's sensors. The other reason was to hire local engineering talent in the city.

Even more Seattle plans

Zoox is also planning to open an engineering office and operations facility in Seattle for its autonomous vehicle testing at some point in 2022. According to Levinson, the number of employees in Seattle was not disclosed, but the company currently has more than 1,300 employees and aims to create over 450 more jobs this year.

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